Kopalino is a seaside village located between The Stilo Lighthouse and Białogóra. In this small village there are few shops, a restaurant, a pub and a church. In order to get to the sea one has to walk about 2,5 km. Kopalino is surrounded by beautiful forest area. Within a distance of 1 km from the Kopalin’s centre there is a small Kopalin’s Lake which is rich in fish (tench, bream, crucian, pike, perch, eel), of course fishing is possible. The distance to the sea is 2 km, but as well as on foot, you can get there by car. The beach is wide with pale yellow fine sand and milk-like dunes covered with grey-green grass. If you are tired of sunbathing or playing in water, you can rest by going to near standing sheds with food and drinks. If you have your own bike, you can ride a few cycle routes to Stilo (lighthouse), Białogóra or Szkalna Huta (old factory which had produced glass).

The attractions in Kopalino

The Forest

Kopalino is surrounded by beautiful forest area with deciduous and conifers. Mostly, you will see mixed forest with beech, oak and birch, but also, in some parts, a pine which is the oldest tree, yew, hornbeam, hazel. The area around Kopalin is subjected to Choczewo Forestry Commission. Not only the richness of trees is very tempting, but also the undergrowth. It is full of blueberries, cranberries and mushrooms. I do not recommend the poisonous ones, but there are a variety of those which are edible (penny buns, chanterelles or others). For the best places with mushrooms you should ask local people. Personally, I recommend collecting them in small pine and birch copses. There are also some disadvantages of the forest – mosquitoes and ants, especially while collecting berries and wearing shorts.

Lake Kopalińskie

Lake Kopalińskie is located within 1 km from the centre of Kopalino and about 1 km from the sea. A sandy road leads to the lake, so it is the best to go on foot or by bike. The lake is surrounded by the forest form three sides. Its area has 8,37 ha, max. deepness is about 3 m. The lake came into existence on an old moor which causes that at the bottom the water is a little muddy, but during the summer season it is very clear. The shape of the lake is similar to a letter ‘L’. In the smaller part, called ‘zatoczka’ (bay), there is a place for swimming and an isle with a tree. It is also worth to notice that the roots of trees surrounding lake, grow into the water. With that, they create small bridges which are excellent hideouts for lake habitants. Lake Kopalińskie is full of fish: tench, bream, crucian, pike, perch or eel. Fishing is possible, but lake is a private property and without consent of the owner, it is strictly prohibited. You can also find a pair of swans near the lake. They bring up their young during summertime.. An additional attraction may be a route in the boat or pontoon across lake. In the neighbourhood there is also a camp place ‘Capówka’ with volleyball and basketball fields, water equipment livery, sauna, car park and a shop.

The Sea

In order to go to the sea, you have to walk about 2 km through forest. The road is sandy. You have to go to the direction where Lake Kopalińskie is. In standard walking pace, you will get there after 15-20 minutes of walking. Then you will see the blue sea, yellow fine sand and dunes covered with grey-green grass.

The beach

Last summer the water wasn’t too warm, but is was so clear, that you were alble to notice swimming jellyfish. If you are tired of sunbathing or playing in water, you can rest by going to near standing sheds with food and drinks (French fries, hot-dogs, hamburgers, fried fish, beer, etc.). if you have some more energy to spend you can pay volleyball with a ball bought in well-equipped shop with beach accessories. And ig you are lazy or you just don’t feel like walking, you can always ride by bike or car to the beach – there is a forest car park (paid) prepared.

Riding a bike

If you have your own bike, I can recommend bike trips to the sea, lake and Białogóra (10 km) where leads a nice cycle route through seaside forest. You need to ride next to ‘Szklana Huta’ resirt to the north, only on the last stretch the road turns to south. In case you do not own a bike, you can rent one. There are of course a lot more routes to ride!

The Legends of Kopalino

Petrified Man in Kopalino There is a huge stone standing in Kopalino, near Lake Podkienica. It is 4,3 m high and 2,9 m wide. Some people call it a ‘cuckoo’ and some says than under the stone there is a magic castle and every hundred years a person is born who will take away a charm. But most of people say: There was a really unfaithful villager who wanted to provoke the God. One Sunday afternoon he was collecting hay, when suddenly he and his wagon stuck in the mud. He went rampage and started to volley abuse at Heavens. At that very moment the man an his wagon petrified. After many years people could still recognise the head, arms and even man’s whip.