Sasino (Kashubian Sasënò) – a Kashubian village located 4 km from the sea in Pomeranian Province, Choczewo District. Sasino is a parish that contains other villages: Cegielnia, Osetnik (close to Stilo Lighthouse) , Sasinko, Sasino-Kolonia and Krzesiniec. In north from Sasino, there ‘Choczewskie Cisy’ reserve. Closeness to the sea and wide forests made Sasino a wonderful holiday resort. Sasino is the least connected to civilisation. You must see this picturesque village with old orchards and houses. In a magnificent palace Stilo (1,2 km to the north), there is a holiday resort and a restaurant located. At first paved, then asphalt road leads towards the north (4km) through the forest, broad meadows, a bridge over a channel and it ends in Stilo Lighthouse and the sea.

Attractions of Sasino

Borkowskie Wąwozy

Nature Park Borkowskie Wąwozy is a forest reserve located on Kashubian Coast (established in 2005 r., has 40,64 ha). It secures mostly ashes and alders. But you can also see other species – just see them yourself!

Horse Riding - trails

You can find in Sasino ‘riding holidays’ offer (horse riding classes and trips) and carriage driving. Choczewo has a net of horse raiding trails across the forests and even further. Riding horse may enable you to see the whole Forestry.

Trail „Nadmorska” is 12,5 km long, runs along the beaches, dunes and seaside forests, not too far from the sea. It combines with other trails in Wejherowo Forestry.

Trail „Plażowa” is 11,5 km long, runs through beautiful, sandy beaches. Trail „Borówkowa” is 20,9 km long, runs through bright pine forests. There are long, straight paths with just great visibility.

Trail „Wrzosowa” is 21,6 km long, runs runs along the beaches, dunes and seaside forests, not too far from the sea. It looks spectacular in August and September.

Trail "Nad jeziorem" is 11 km long, runs around Lake Choczewskie across pine and beech forests.

Trail „Dębowa” is 20 km long, runs across oak forests on wavy, hilly area.

Trail „Dwa jeziora” ma długość 19,9 km long, runs around lakes Dąbrze and Czarne. We can find ‘forest stable at both lakes. Trail runs across oak forests.

Trail „Dolina Redy” is 8,2 km long, mostly it runs through brrch forests, along a picturesque Reda Valley. It combines with other trails in Wejherowo Forestry

The trails are marked with red horseshoes which are painted on trees.

On the crossroads, there are signpost with directions and distances written. ‘Start’ points are close to studs and places with horses. They are marked with tall, characteristic signs wthich are visible even from distance of hundreds of meters. Similar signs are placed in front of forests and at the beaches. Every sign has a name of the trail and its length on it. There ate 8 places on trails where you can feed your horse: „Stilo”, „Róża wiatrów”, „Amfiteatr”, „Lubiatówka”, „Łętówko”, „Czarne”, „Dąbrówka” i „Dębina”.

Choczewskie Cisy Nature Park

Choczewskie Cisy is a forest reserve located on Kashubian Coast (established in 1961 r., has 9,19 ha). It protects mostly yews, but there are also many more plants that are facing distinction.

Stilo Lighthouse

Its scale is 23 nautical miles. It is located on the highest dune (45 m) one km far from the sea. There is also a shortcut to get there. Lighthouse was built within 1904 – 1906. it is 33,4 m tall, painted in red and white stripes, gradually narrows upward. You can visit the lighthouse and from its top, see not only the sea, but also Łeba and lakes Sarbsko and Łebsko (opening hours:10.00–13.00, 15.00–18.00).

Sasinko Manor House

Sasinko is a manor that is located 1,5 km from the centre of Sasino. There is also the manor – park complex with a magnificent court from the 2nd half of XIXth century and a landscape park in English style. In front of the building, there is an oval lawn and a fountain. A part of access road is planted with spources. Before the war the manor belonged to the Jungs family. In 1948 it became a state ownership and was given to Border Defence Army. At present it is aprivate resort, called “Pałac w Sasinie”

Osieki Village

Osieki is the oldest village in Choczewo District, it was established about 1284 year. The church was built in 1400 year. At first it was wooden, but after the fire in 1728 only foundations of the tower remained. The oldest relics are XIVth century font and baroque altar – the most beautiful part of the centre. In the underground of the temple there is placed von Krockow family tomb.

Restaurant ‘Ewa Zaprasza’

‘Ewa Zaprasza’ is, according to some rakings, the best restaurant in the country, serving Polish course. ‘it’s placed in a typical farmhouse. As you walk inside you get the impression that you are in a private house; tables, fireplace, even a bookshelf and a dog tossing its tail hapilly. On walls you can see very original prints (…)’ Maciej Nowak - Gazeta Wyborcza the restaurant is opened 7 days per week, from 12:00 to 22:00 Tel.: 58-676-33-39