Kopalino - Lubiatowo

A dream vacation on the Polish coast

Discover the attractions of the Kashubian Coast and the buffer zone of the Coastal Landscape Park. Check what is worth seeing during your holiday on the Baltic Sea.

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What makes us stand out?

We make every effort to ensure that the services offered are at the highest level.

Professional service

Our priority is primarily customer care and meeting the expectations 
of guests.

Many years 
of experience

We have been renting family holiday homes by the sea since 2007.

Dear Guests!

We warmly welcome you to the summer house. To make all our guests enjoy this cosy house please observe the following terms and conditions.


Make a reservation by phone or online. Let us know if it is going to be a private or business stay and leave your billing information. The instructions for the remittance must be followed – corresponding in all given details. Precondition for a reservation is the remittance of a deposit - which means 30% of the total price (sum) – into the stated account. If this precondition is not fulfilled, the booking will not be realized.


On the day of arrival we make the summer house available to our guests from 3 p.m. On the day of departure the house shall be left not later than at 10 a.m. On the day of arrival a person booking a stay has to show an identity card in order to write personal data into a record of registrations.

Advance payment

Giving the keys to the summer house we charge a refundable deposit in an amount of 500 PLN. When the stay is over and there are no damages in the summer house either to the items or to the elements of equipment as well as technical infrastructure equipment caused by the Guests, the deposit is returned. The deposit is kept if there have been third parties staying in the house without previous notice and consent of the owner of the house.


Set of keys consists of: a key to the house, wickets, entrance gates, utility rooms and a possible garage. If guests lose the key, 200 PLN will be deducted from the deposit.


Please observe a complete smoking ban and other tobacco products in the summer house. Smoking is permissible on the balcony and deck.

Night quiet time

Please observe night quiet time effective from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m.  


Please take off the pillows from garden furniture for the night and during rainy weather. If the pillows get wet there will be 200 PLN charged off your deposit.


We provide bicycles to our Guests for cycling tours. Please place your bikes in a designated place. During the trips, please secure the bicycles with a bicycle lock (not included in the equipment of the cottage). Please leave the bikes in a clean and functional condition.


Bringing a pet requires previous agreement.

  • the dog must be on leash and under its owner’s full control.
  • the dog cannot disturb the rest of other Guests.
  • for satisfying physiological needs please walk the dog out of the premises area.

Financial liability

Guests bear full financial responsibility for all kinds of damages or damage to property and elements of equipment as well as technical infrastructure equipment caused by them or third parties invited to the summer house by Guests. The owner of the house does not hold any responsibility for damage or loss of the Guests property or the property of people visiting them. The owner of the house does not hold any responsibility for loss or damage to the Guest’s car parked on the property.


Children staying in the summer house play in the garden on the finger of fun at the sole responsibility of their parents and guardians.


Please, throw away your garbage in a designated place. Segregation is required. In the event of failure to segregate rubbish, the customer will be obliged to pay a fee of PLN 20 per person per stay.


Short term technical problems with the house equipment, municipal utilities or problems arisen due to force majeure do not entitle to decrease a charge for stay. In case of any technical problems in the suite please inform the owner about an existing situation immediately. A Guest gives an owner of the house a specified period of time for removing a problem. After that time complaints shall not be accepted.

Earlier departure/Resignation from stay

Resignation from stay does not entitle to the reimbursement of paid charges.

We wish you a pleasant stay, lots of fun, relax and rest. In case of any questions please do not hesitate to ask us. We are at your disposal. Making a booking is synonymous with acceptance of the above terms and conditions.